October 20, 2021

Why Ads?

Esteemed Wampaslayer Guest!

You may or may not have noticed an ad or two being placed around the site. They may seem out of place, might be advertising something weird, or just make you think “…why?” Well the asnwer, to put it bluntly, is that Wampaslayer costs money to implement and maintain. The website costs money, the hosting costs money, equipment to do what we’re currently doing costs money, and future projects will require extra money as well. All of us are hard-working blue-collar types, some with families, some with loads of student debt, and so on and so forth; the point being that we can’t afford to do all the things we do (and want to do) on our 9-5’s alone. And this is where ads come in.

Do we expect ads to fully fund our operations? No, we’re all pretty confident in the fact that, as far as this thing goes, it’s going to be dipping into our pockets to do so. And that’s okay, we’re doing this because we want to and because we love it, not to make money. Even if it were all for the Benjamin’s, it would only be to have a livable and sustainable wage. I’m sure we can all reasonably say, the chances of this being a “get rich quick” type of thing are slim to none, in fact even a “get rich slowly” frame of mind is probably out of the question too.

So if you see an ad and feel the compulsion to click on it, we thank you; If not, we thank you anyway! We’ll try to keep the ads out of the way of content. If you see an ad that doesn’t make sense, offends you, is weird, or whatever, please Contact Us and let us know the offending domain so we can block that.

Let us know if you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you!

With Nerdy, Nerdy Love,
The Wampaslayer Team

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