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Wampaslayer Reviews – No Man’s Sky

September 13, 2016 2

The return of Wampaslayer Reviews is here with Jason, Kris, and Nate talking No Man’s Sky. Highly anticipated, many shortcomings, glimmers of hope, and more! Listen in for the Wampaslayer take on this controversial title. […]

Wampaslayer Reviews – Suicide Squad

August 9, 2016 0 wrote his review, but Nate, Jason, and Kris are here to give a little more detailed review. We’re talkin’ Jared Leto’s Joker, Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, the strength of the plot, stereotypes, and more!

Wampaslayer Reviews – Star Trek: Beyond

July 26, 2016 0

Star Trek: Beyond came out last week and the guys have the scoop on how great it was. If you’ve seen it, listen in and join the conversation! If you haven’t seen it, really, you should call off life and get to the theater right now! […]

Wampaslayer Reviews – Warcraft

June 14, 2016 0

Two Blizzard fanboys give their thoughts on the new Warcraft movie. Beware!: Contains minor spoilers and semi-intense Fanboy-ness. You have been warned, but you will enjoy! […]

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