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The DM’s Workshop – The Villain

September 1, 2016 0

So I bet you’re wondering, “this series sure was quiet for a while but now Dave doesn’t seem to shut up”. Well you’re right and that is because I am currently planning a campaign for […]

The DM’s Workshop – Dave’s Wacky Races

August 18, 2016 0

When it comes to tabletop RPGs since I have never been great at creating rules content and balancing, I usually stick to the story and campaign design. But, since I have been challenged to create, […]

The DM’s Workshop

June 9, 2016 0

Here at Wampaslayer we are gigantic nerds and as such, we pretty much all play D&D. Every Wednesday night, after recording whatever Podcast is on the docket, we bring out our books, laptops, pens, and […]