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Good Will Hunting

#davethoughts: Movie Reviews

As you may have guessed from the title, there will be no mid-week review for this week. I had planned ...
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Chris Metzen

#davethoughts: Chris Metzen and Game Lore

I did not always have the best computer growing up so PC gaming was pretty limited. Anything that I could ...
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#davethoughts: On Musicals

As you may have guessed from the content of my previous posts, I was something of a nerd when I ...
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Table Top Games

#davethoughts: A Year In Board Games

Last January I happened upon a very simple game called Zombie Dice. It's an easy concept, roll dice to see ...
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Mars Opposition

#davethoughts: Mars Opposition and Film Scores

I have a background on my watch that shows a little picture of the Earth, where you are located, and ...
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