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Hot Mess

Local Comic Review: Hot Mess

Who doesn’t love a raunchy comedy starring a couple has-been actors from 30 years ago? Everyone does of course! That’s ...
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Local Comic Spotlight: Norah

This week in the local comic spotlight we return to Source Point Press to talk about Norah by Kasey Pierce ...
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Book Club: Talkin’ Books

As we near the end of the month and finish up our September book, Ready Player One, I wanted to ...
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The Magician

Local Comic Spotlight: The Magician

Recently, we here at Wampaslayer received a message from a local comic book author asking if we could review his ...
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New Iron Man name announced

A couple of months back, a new Iron Man was announced: Riri Williams, a 15-year old African American girl. Speculation ...
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Staunch Ambition

Local Comic Spotlight: Staunch Ambition

This week Wampaslayer takes on issue 1 of a new series by Brian E. Lau: Staunch Ambition. This book covers ...
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The Rot

Local Comic Spotlight: The Rot

From the Suicide Squad to the Punisher the idea of the Anti-Hero has always been a big draw for me ...
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Hank Steiner Monster Detective

Local Comic Spotlight: Hank Steiner Monster Detective

In the process of marketing this new website and community to a larger audience, our Wampaslayer street team has been ...
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Riri Williams: Iron Man

Marvel announces next Iron Man

Marvel has announced their new Iron Man, and the name may need to be changed to Iron Woman. Riri Williams ...
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Mr. Mercedes

The Bill Hodges Trilogy Review

My ultimate advice: If it’s a Stephen King series, read it. You’re going to be taken on a fun ride ...
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