December 3, 2021

About Us

We Are Wampaslayer!

Wampaslayer is a collective of like-minded nerdy people who have a wide variety interests, passions, and opinions. We are avid gamers who love video games, board games, and tabletop RPGs alike. Wampaslayer will cover a diverse number of topics in nerdom, including games of all kinds, TV, movies, comics, and even sports!

We may not be a novel concept, but what we are is real. We play the games we talk about, we watch the television programs, and we watch the movies we discuss not just for the site, but for pleasure. We are friends who have decided now is the time to revive this group and website, and we tend to think it’s great.

Take a moment and browse our content: whether it’s a podcast about movies featuring Dave and The Mike, Nate playing Bad Apps, Kris lending his voice and talents to all of our content, or just to admire the way the site looks, which is all thanks to our webmaster Jason, we think you will enjoy your time here.

Thanks for visiting the site! We here at Wampaslayer hope you’ve found your new home. And if we didn’t provide for all of your needs, let us know how we can make this site better! We’re always open to new ideas and help, so if you think you have anything to offer, Contact Us! And don’t forget to check out our Privacy Policy to learn how our site works and how we treat your sensitive information.

We would love to hear from you and hope that our content entices you to come back for more. Thank You, from the entire Wampaslayer team!

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