November 27, 2021

Wampaslayer Plays: Dungeons and Dragons Remote (Descent Into Avernus) [Episode 5]

Join DM Dave and players Jason, Nate, Kris, Aaron, Mike, and The Mike as they take on the Descent Into Avernus adventure!

Jason playing Arth – Ex-orphan on the streets of Baulder’s Gate, ex-member of the Flaming Fist, just out to earn some gold and live in peace.

Kris playing Leekeith – Paladin who has zero-chill where evil is concerned, she hates evil, and did I mention that she just really hates evil?

Nate playing Grul – Anger, fury, axes; can we fight something now?

Aaron playing Vermont Teardrop – Wow, actual tactics, smarts, and concern for the wellbeing of others!

Royalty free music from, check them out as its really good stuff! Skull Icon via Tina Rataj-Bernard [], used under CC A3.0 (…). Color/size changes.



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