Overwatch League Power Rankings: Week 4

Fragi and the Philadelphia Fusion Stage 3 - Overwatch League
Fragi and the Philadelphia Fusion Stage 3 - Overwatch League

The playoff picture in stage 3 is becoming clearer, but there are still a few teams that need big wins to get in or stay in.

Boston has a huge chance to be the first team to have an undefeated stage. They had a relatively easy week taking on the two worst teams in the league, but next week won’t be so easy. The Valiant and the Gladiators, both teams that NEED wins to stay in the Stage 3 playoff race, are on the schedule and looking to spoil the perfect stage for the Uprising.
New York continues their domination of the Overwatch league, with wins over San Francisco and Seoul. I can’t imagine a team, outside of Boston, being able to beat the XL in a playoff round.
Big 5 map wins for the Gladiators this week. First against the London Spitfire, and even with the recent struggles, they are still one of the better teams in the league, and then against a desperate Houston team, who had a shot to make the stage 3 playoffs before the loss. LA has Florida and Boston on the schedule this week, and they won’t want to be looking ahead, or they may find themselves on the outside looking in.
Houston seems to be the winner of everyone else going 1-1 this week. They started off the week with a big win against the LA Valiant, but were unable to complete the reverse sweep agains the Gladiators. A win in that match and they would be in the fourth spot of the stage 3 playoffs. However it looks like the Outlaws will have to regroup and try again in Stage 4, where they can still try to make the overall league playoffs, where they are just one game back from the final spot.
Another rough week for the Valiant, going 1-1 when they really couldn’t do so. They still have a two game cushion for the stage 3 playoffs, but next week is not a favorable schedule for LA. Having to go against the undefeated Uprising, as well as the Fusion who are looking to stay in the overall playoff race.
It’s been a rough stage as London continues to play below their skill level. Losing a five map match against the Gladiators, their only salvation was a win against the Shock. The Spitfire have Seoul and Shanghai this week as now they’re playing to stay in the overall Playoffs.
After breifly finding themselves in the stage 3 playoffs, the Shock have seemed to come back to their middle ground. I belive San Francisco have the tools to be a playoff team, but they started so far behind this season, they’ll look to make up ground next season.
Seoul continues the ride on the struggle bus, needing five maps to beat the Fusion, and losing to the NYXL which means it’ll be another stage playoffs without the Dynasty. This team was supposed to be the team to beat, but they can’t seem to be able to beat the top teams.
Incredibly close to becoming the first team to lose to the Dragons, the Fusion are continuing to struggle as the stage goes on. They are barely hanging on to that last spot in the overall playoffs, and will have to get back to how they played during stage 2 if they want to stay there.
In the battle of bad teams, the Mayhem were once again able to come out and win, finally moving them up a spot in the power rankings. While out of the stage 3 playoff race and the overall playoffs, they’ll have to look ahead to season 2 to try and change up some strategies, maybe even a roster change.
I think that this will look completely different for season 2 of the Overwatch League. They don’t seem to be able to put ANYTHING together, no matter how many roster changes, or coaching changes, or players taking a step back from the league.
Another week with a close call for the Dragons, but they were once again unable to grab the win against Philadelphia. They have to get a win eventually right?

What are your thoughts and who do you want to see in Stage 3 playoffs?

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