December 3, 2021

Overwatch League Power Rankings: Week 2

Striker Stage 2 - Overwatch League
Striker Stage 2 - Overwatch League

Here we are with the first Kris-authored Power Rankings for OWL!

The Uprising were the big winner of the week after giving New York only their third loss for the whole season. They had a little scare against Florida on the last game of the week, who almost completed the reverse sweep. This week will be a make or break for Boston, playing London and Seoul.
After having a walk in the park with the Shock, the Valiant were on upset alert against Dallas, who tied the first map and won the second. Space continues to prove he’s one of the biggest additions to the team between stages, as a top D.Va player. The third Battle of Los Angeles kicks off the week, and the Valiant look to get a win back after losing to the Gladiators last stage, and at the end of the week, they’ll take on London and look to prove they belong at the top of the standings against London.
A big week from Philadelphia with a 3-2 win over Houston, and a 3-2 win over London. The Fusion are not happy about being reverse swept to lose the Stage two playoffs, and they have a good shot at making the playoffs for a second stage in a row. They’ll have a shot at revenge, taking on the Excelsior this week, and they’ll want to prove they belong.
Arguably still the best team in the league, New York took a step back this week losing to the Uprising. It won’t be an easy road this week as they take on Philadelphia, who they had to reverse sweep to win the Stage 2 championship, and the LA Gladiators, who always seem to be the team who pull off the biggest upsets.
After almost making the Stage 2 playoffs, the Gladiators are looking at continuing their momentum, taking down Shanghai and Seoul this week. The roster continues to come together and the addition of silkthread has really paid off. A big game in the playoff standings kicks off the week with The Battle of Los Angeles, and we’ll see if the Gladiators are for real, taking on New York.
A week of close calls for the Outlaws, taking Philadelphia AND New York to fifth maps, but failing to take a point in the extra game. It’s tough to figure out which team you’re going to see with Houston, either the one who can beat a team like London, and go to five maps with New York, or the team that loses 4-0 against inferior talent.
The butt of the upset jokes this week, after beating Dallas in five maps, they turn around and lose to the LA Gladiators. The Dynasty wants to be considered one of the top teams in the Overwatch league, but they continue to fail when the pressure is on. An early remedy is on the slate when Seoul plays Shanghai, but they’ll have to turn around and play my number one team in Boston.
What happened to the Stage 1 champions? Lose in the first round of the playoffs in Stage 2, and now have only been able to beat Florida so far this stage. It’s a huge issue, as they’ve lost to Houston, Philadelphia, and New York, teams that they’ll be competing with for a brand new FOURTH playoff spot this stage. The Spitfire don’t have an easy week taking on Boston and LA Valiant, both games are must wins if they want to be in the talk for Stage Playoffs.
Sinatraa has really given this team a new life, but it seems to have not made them much better. A big upset of the Gladiators in the first game of the stage, they were not able to continue their momentum. They look to get another win against Dallas this week, but also playing Philadelphia, I don’t see them making any movement in the standings.
More drama coming from the Fuel camp as they released their coach kyky and DPS player Rascal. I’m not sure what to make out of this team anymore. They seem to have the individual talent, but are not able to put it together. We’ll see if the coaching change will help at all.
Florida was able to cause some Mayhem this week, tieing London and taking the Uprising to a fifth map, but were still not able to grab a win this stage. After taking on Houston, the Mayhem will play in the “Someone has to win” match of the week with Shanghai.
Another rough week for the Dragons, but they were able to take a map from the Shock. There’s not a lot to say about this team, just continue to root for a win every week, and their basement dwelling neighbor may give them that chance this week.

So what do you think? Do you agree with our rankings or do you have a better idea? Let us know on Facebook!

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