Game of Thrones Fan Theories

Game of Thrones is easily one of the most popular shows of all time, and that has led to it being one of the most talked about shows as well. Point in case, the number of fan theories that have been formulated since the inception of the show is staggering. One might say this is due to the fact that the information we’ve learned to this point has been trickled down to us over 6 full seasons, or that the rich lore and backstories created by George RR Martin himself are the root cause, but whatever the case may be, fans have come up with many and varied theories about the show. Last season, R+L=J was finally confirmed (spoilers: Rhaegar and Lyanna are Jon Snow’s parents) but here a few choice ones I’ve found, and you can decide which is most likely to happen for yourself, but I’m going to give you my thoughts on the matter.

Half Man Dragon Rider

First theory I’d like to tackle is that Tyrion Lannister is actually a Targaryen. This theory has been floating around for a few seasons now, with the source likely being Tywin Lannister himself, stating that he can’t prove that Tyrion isn’t his, so he raised him all the same. Keen fans will know that Joanna, Tywin’s wife, died in childbirth with Tyrion. And also good to know is that Tywin was Hand of the King for over 2 decades, so there has been plenty of time that it could have happened. Lastly, the sigil for the Targaryens is a 3 headed dragon, and we already know of 2 living Targaryens, so this theory is actually pretty plausible.

The Queenkiller

The next theory I’d like to touch on involves the Lannisters once again, but this time dear Queen Cersei.  When Cersei was young, she received a prophecy about her life, and up to this point, most of the prophecy has come true. There is one part left that has yet to come to fruition, that of her death at the hands of her little brother. So this could only mean Tyrion, right? He has the motive and desire to kill his sister, and it seems likely that will be the only way to stop her, but let’s not forget: there are 3 Lannisters left alive. Cersei is the oldest of the Lannister children, as she was the first twin born. And with Jaime by her side, as her QUEENSGUARD, it is likely Jaime will reprise his role of a killer of royalty, and he will be the little brother that will be her undoing, making this theory very plausible.

Bran the Man with no Plan

I’d like to touch on one more serious theory before I give you one of the silliest ones I found.  This theory revolves around Bran, and it states that Bran will be the cause of the White Walker invasion. As the lore goes, the Wall was built to keep the White Walkers out of the rest of Westeros, and it was built in part with the help of a Stark called Bran the Builder. The Wall itself is said to have spells weaved into the ice that prevents them from coming in, something that was more or less confirmed by Benjen Stark and even Sam Tarly. But last season, Bran got marked by the Night’s King. allowing him to go wherever Bran goes. People theorize this is how the Great War will truly start: Once Bran seeks refuge on the other side of the Wall, it will allow the White Walkers access into the South. Once again, this is a very plausible theory and the only one that makes sense for how the war will start.

Varys and Barnacle Boy

The last theory, as promised, is that Varys is a merman. You read that right. Fans are theorizing that Varys is a member of a race of creatures that have in fact existed in this amazing world that Martin created. Part of the reason why people have come up with this is that Varys somehow made it over to Westeros with the speed he did because he had a tail, like a merperson…If this comes true, I will eat my collection of GoT Funko dolls live on camera on

So that is just a taste of some of the theories for this upcoming season of Game of Thrones. If there are any you would like to add or discuss, contact me on our Facebook page or leave a comment below!

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