October 20, 2021

The Future of Wampaslayer


2016 was an interesting year. Many of us had years that contained some of the highest points of their lives as well as some of the lowest-lows they’ve ever experienced. One of those greater heights, however, was the resurrection of Wampaslayer.com.

We started out very strong, committing to our three-post daily requirement and filling pages and pages of articles with text about all sorts of nerdy things. Let me tell you, there is nothing like seeing a project of yours launch and be even mildly successful. It was challenging to keep pace, but I feel we did an alright job of it. So much so, that we expanded. We added more podcasts and upped our posts to four per day.

Inevitably, however, life happens.

Busy season started in the industry that Dave, The Mike, and Jason work in. Jason got a promotion that demanded more of his time and required a new adjustment. Kris started working multiple jobs again in his field. All great things, but that left less time to write, less time to coordinate, less time to get Wampaslayer.com jobs done. Series broke down, articles stopped being posted; that sort of thing.

So, we’re doing a bit of an overhaul, recommitting to the Wampaslayer.com cause, and focusing on what we enjoyed most about the whole project. Changes are coming to Wampaslayer.com in 2017 and we’re hoping that it will let us produce content that Is more entertaining and of better quality!

Podcasting is something that every one of us came to enjoy, perhaps the most, so that is what we are going to do. Will this mean more podcasts or just shaping up our current content? Who knows. We need to find what we like most about those shows and decided whether to keep them, adjust them, combine them, or do something else entirely.

Articles we still would like to do, but on a much more blog-like scale (like how Dave, The Mike, and Kris had their blogs). We won’t be focusing on bringing up to date news because we can’t promise to successfully do that all the time. Each of us who want to will have their own blog to share, focusing on our beloved topics of movies, tv, video, board, and card games, books, comics, and science-y stuff.

Instead of insisting on a strict schedule, we’ll produce these things naturally as they come and as the Force guides us.

To those who have been with us from the beginning, we truly thank you for sticking with us and enduring this dry spell with little content. We hope that our more natural way of doing things (whenever it is cemented) makes way for better creations and you enjoy them.

Stay tuned to Wampaslayer.com in 2017, you won’t be disappointed!

Much love,
The Wampaslayer.com Team



If it’s a thing and it’s nerdy, this guy wants to do it. Self-taught and self-proclaimed photographer, programmer, and musician, self-described as lazy, indulgent, and pedantic. Give him a task and he’ll do it, except for maritals. Only his wife gets the maritals.

Find Jason on twitter at @jasonkylesmith and on instagram at jasonksmith84

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