October 20, 2021

New Wolverine Movie Title Revealed

The Wolverine saga will be coming to end soon, at least with Hugh Jackman playing the titular role. Fans of the beloved antihero have been treated to a great portrayal of the character since the early 2000s, starting with the first X-Men film. Since then, Jackman has played the character in numerous films, some good (Days of Future Past) and some not so good (X-Men: Origins) Well, the new film has been named, and it’s going to be called Logan.

Logan is the real name of Wolverine, and it appears this movie will be taking on the story line, or at least something similar to the Old Man Logan comic series. The movie will be set in the future, so this seems to be the logical plot. The movie is also going to be R-Rated, continuing the trend Fox set with Deadpool. So expect a bloody and profanity laced film, which is perfect for a Wolverine film.

Other titles were considered for this movie, or at least speculated. Old Man Logan, X-23, and even Weapon X were rumored to be possible titles. This new title seems to suggest that the film would likely focus on Logan, not Wolverine; the man and not the hero we all love.

The announcement came in conjunction with a new poster, which is very telling and raises even more questions. In the poster, we see the grizzled and beat up hand of Logan, claw out holding the hand of a little girl. Recently, Hugh Jackman was spotted on set filming with a little girl, which could easily prove to be X-23, who is Wolverine’s daughter. The villain in this film has been confirmed as Mr Sinister, a classic X-Men antagonist.

The movie, slated for release in Spring, will hopefully start to have more promotional presence soon. Fox, who owns the X-Men brand, is the studio behind the film and it would behoove them to start really promoting this film. Follow Wampaslayer.com for more info as it develops!

Kris Wright

Kris Wright

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