Feige reveals why no major deaths in Civil War

Captain America: Civil War

Fans of the MCU and Marvel Comics can point to the Civil War storyline, and to that extent Captain America: Civil War as some of the highest points in their history. The comic series boasts one of the best stories and compelling drama Marvel has ever come up with (Civil War II just recently finished up), and the books involved are quite simply amazing. The MCU version of the story was easily one their best films, and garnered a lot of critical and fan support.

At the end of the Civil War in the comics, ultimately Cap realizes that the worst part of the schism in the super hero community is that innocents are even more in danger. He ends his fight, and thus the Civil War. As an epilogue to those events, there is a book titled “The Death of Captain America” As one might expect, Cap dies in this book, a result of a sniper bullet. Fans of the comic were expecting something similar in the movie, whether it was Cap or someone else of vital importance.

When the movie did release, it was kind of a let-down that no major character was killed. This sounds macabre, but given the fact that heroes never die (not truly) in the comics, Marvel could have brought them back to life. With Doctor Strange on the horizon, the MCU has a built in mulligan with that character. Well, Kevin Feige (along with the Russos) recently revealed why they didn’t kill anyone in Civil War.

It was revealed that while it was talked about, as is everything, the Russos came to the conclusion that Cap would not be killed in the movie. In fact, it appears numerous characters were discussed for potential death, but it was decided against. The directors did not want to undercut the tension of the film. Fans were left with Rhodes, aka War Machine (Don Cheadle) being severely injured by the Vision. Anthony Russo said the film was about the family falling apart, not the family falling apart AND someone dying.

You can find Captain America: Civil War on Blu-Ray in stores and online now.


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