October 20, 2021

YouTube Channels You Definitely Should Check Out


Here at Wampaslayer.com, we’re just in the beginning of creating our nerd empire. We’ve focused pretty heavily on blog and news articles, as well as a healthy dosage of varied podcasts, but one of the places we’ve yet to hit hard is the world of YouTube. We’ve got some video game stuff up and we’ve got a Christmas List of things that we would love to create, so on that front stay tuned!

In the meantime, I’ve got a list of my absolute favorite YouTube channels / personalities / shows.

  • Vlogbrothers | Crash Course | SciShow

John and Hank Green are what turned me into a YouTube fan. Their network of videos is a fantastic resource of nerdy goodness. Their main Vlog is a back and forth, twice a week posting of random thoughts, topics, happenings, and discussions between the two YouTube giants and you could lose hours of your life diving into the DECADE of videos they have created.

Crash Course is a channel that is basically cool, funny, online school. The hosts (John, Hank, and others) go over topics such as Chemistry, Ecology, Psychology, History, Literature, Astronomy, and more. They do it in a way that is humorous, but extremely easy to understand. If you are a learner, this channel is for you.

SciShow is a news style channel that talks about all sorts of scientific news. It has a sister channel, SciShow Space, and they plan on doing a few more spin offs as well. These videos are topical, relevant, and super informative. If you want to know what’s what in the science world, SciShow is a good start.

  • DNews | DNews+ | Seeker Daily

The Discovery Channel is making their presence known on YouTube with DNews and Seeker. These are also news style shows and their topics are broad. DNews is pretty science focused, with DNews+ being a podcast style show (still science focused) with 3-5 episodes per week on a particular topic. Seeker is more of a world news channel, and they “seek” to explain and describe different world events, cultures, and situations.

  • Extra Credits

If you’ve ever wanted a look into game design concepts and breakdowns, game industry insights, and the like, this is the channel for you. Their content is varied with a focus on everyone’s favorite pastime, video games. The theme is pretty unique among channels of its type, so it is definitely worth the look. In addition, they have a history series done in the same theme that speaks of events and cultures that you won’t really learn about in basic High School or College level history classes.

  • Vsauce 1 | Vsauce 2 | Vsauce 3

Vsauce is a collection of three channels about a whole host of nerdy topics, most of which are pretty advanced, cerebral, or convey a “higher” message. Further, they have a fourth channel, D.O.N.G. (things you can Do Online Now Guys) which is literally just collections of really cool things you can find throughout the interwebs.

Do you have a favorite YouTube channel? Let us know! And please, tell us what you think about these channels when you check them out (and we know you will, right!?).

Featured Image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/esthervargasc/9774282571/


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