October 20, 2021

The Mike Speaks: On The Benefits of a Nerd Wife

Marry a nerd wife. Trust me, it’s worth it. I know a lot of you are thinking “Hey, opposites attract, so wouldn’t you want to look for someone who’s different from you?” My response would be “Sure, but wouldn’t it be better if you lived with a person who wants to do what you do?” That’s why it’s best to marry a nerd.

For the married members of the Wampa Founders, we’ve been pretty fortunate to land some great women. All of our wives are some sort of nerd, whether it be music, books, video games, movies, or comics. I suppose that covers just about everything we do here, but hey, it’s great to have a woman at home I can do all this stuff with. Now you might be thinking that being with me caused my wife to become a nerd, and while this is partially true, she was still kind of a nerd before we started dating.

One of the best days in our dating lives (nerd-related…Love you Beth!) was when I found out she not only played Final Fantasy 7, which is my all-time favorite game, but she was a huge fan of it as well. This led me to think that this was the start of something great. Over the time, our relationship has evolved into many and more nerdy things. As time has passed, I have increased her nerd status quite a bit. She is now a Harry Potter super fan thanks to marathoning the movies 2 years ago with our friends Matt and Julie. She rivals my passion for Game of Thrones, and also for the book series it’s based on, A Song of Ice and Fire. In fact, we have had many debates and talks about theories and the like when it comes to the world of Westeros.

If we were to be looking for something to do, I can always suggest that we watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, and there goes the next 12+ hours of our lives. She, like myself, got teary eyed at the end of the last Hobbit film during the end credits (damn you Billy Boyd!) We have read many books together, and I know for a fact her love for books is on par or higher than my own. Also, thanks to the magic of video games, she has become immersed in the world of the myriad of great LEGO games. On the occasion we played together, we lost hours of our lives collecting studs and vanquishing enemies.

Of course, this is my life being viewed under a microscope. There are many other reasons we are together, but the fact the she not only lets me be the nerd I am, and is one herself, makes a huge difference. It’s great to share so many common interests, especially the ones that really make up who I am, and the way I define myself. Did I mention that she also tolerates me watching hours upon hours of sports, which she is also a fan of? For these reasons, and many, many more I have selected the perfect woman to be my wife. So do yourself a favor and find a girl who embraces not only your inner nerd, but her own.

Mike Gassel

Mike Gassel

A video game and sports enthusiast, you can usually count on TM for his many and loud opinions. If it falls under the scope of nerdom, you can fully expect him to be into it and love it. Also a fan of hugs and holding hands... and trolling random people while playing video games.

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