October 20, 2021

Sony Announces Two New Versions of the PS4

On September 7, Sony announced 2 new additions to their PS4 families: the PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim. Both will be launching soon, with the Slim coming out this month on the 15th, and the Pro will drop on November 10th, just in time for the biggest season for new games. Fear not, PS4 owners, your current consoles are not becoming obsolete. In fact, they will be just fine. These new editions are nothing more than tweaks and upgrades to the current design.

The PS4 Slim will be introducing far less than the Pro, so we’ll start by looking at it. Sony did a similar thing with the PS3, replacing the clunky Gen 1 PS3 with a sleeker, more efficient slim model. This is what the Slim is for the PS3 family. The new design will take up less space, as evidenced by the fact it is 30% smaller by volume. It will also be lighter than the current PS4 by 16%. The biggest takeaway you can get from the Slim is the fact it will consume less energy. The Slim will consume 28% less energy, and that much less power consumption means it’s less of a drain on your energy bill, not to mention your console will run much cooler and more efficient.

The big part of these newly announced PS4’s is the Pro. The PRO is the PS4 on steroids, with a lot of specs turned up to 11. But the biggest part of all of these new features is the main event: 4K resolution.

I know what you may be thinking: “This all sounds like I’ll need to buy new games, or at least upgrade my current ones. I don’t want to buy the same games again” Fear not, fellow gamers, this is not the case. According to Sony, since software updates exist, and game developers can update their games, anything that needs to be updated can be done so this way.

However, a new TV may be needed to to fully enjoy the Pro. 4K resolution means that your current TV will not be able to run in 4K, unless in fact you have a 4K capable TV already. You will still be able to enjoy a full 1080p experience with the Pro if you don’t have the coin to buy a 4K TV (prices range from about $400 up to $8,000) Along with this, the Pro will also support HDR, High Dynamic Range. It will launch with support for HDR10, the most commonly used format by most major entertainment companies.

So what’s the final verdict on the new PS4’s? If you don’t already own one, and don’t need the high end experience, go with the Slim. It’s features alone make it appealing for space and energy saving purposes, plus it will cost $299. But if it’s high end specs and performance you crave, the option for you is the Pro. It’s also the unit I recommend that current console owners go with, as the extra $100 for the console is worth it, as the Slim is basically the same unit you own.

Kris Wright

Kris Wright

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