October 20, 2021

Great Lakes Halfway to Comic-Con

Nate at Great Lakes Halfway to Comic Con

A big part of why we created Wampaslayer.com was that we wanted to share our nerdiness with like-minded individuals. Lately, we have been doing that in person by visiting as many local Cons and Conventions as possible. Visiting a Con is something that had always been on my list of things to do, and while I have still yet to visit a large, celebrity filled one, my recent forays into local ones have been a great introduction.

This past weekend, I decided to check out the Great Lakes Halfway to Comic-Con Convention in Madison Heights. Not really sure if I was about to attend a traditional Con or more of a trade show, I went in with few expectations, just an open mind knowing I would be at an event with fellow nerds.

This particular event definitely leaned more towards trade show. It was a room mostly full of vendors selling comic books, toys, artwork and anything else you could think of that caters to a nerd. There was a pretty great variety for a relatively small show and I spent most of my 4 hours at the event just putzing through the vendors’ wares and chatting with people as I perused the merchandise. I walked out with a few items. Especially excited to see how my oversized D20 rolls during our game session this Wednesday night!

Intermixed amongst the vendor tables, there were a limited number of artists and authors showing off their creative endeavors. This is one of my favorite parts of these shows. I had the great opportunity to meet some local talent and check out their latest works. Since these shows are not bogged down by huge mobs of people, that artists really have the time to chat about their creations and process and I find that to be as interesting as the work itself. Getting to meet the author of a book you are about to read and have the time to really talk to them is reason enough to attend these events. Friday night, I was able to spend a great deal of time talking to authors/artists Joshua Werner and Brett Pinson and picked up their books Rampant and The Expendables, respectively. Both of which will be featured in our Local Comic Spotlight as soon as I get the chance to dig in (which will be soon as they both look fantastic!).

One feature of this event that gave it more of a large Con feel was the special guests. Attending the event were two actresses, Noelle Hannibal and Jordan Trovillion, who have been in various Star Trek movies/shows as well as Buffy and Jack Reacher. Representing the DC & Marvel comic universes were writers/artists William Messner-Loebs, Keith Pollard, Arvell Jones, and Jason Moore. While I did not get to spend a great deal of time rubbing elbows with these celebs, it is always fun to interact with folks who help create and bring to life those nerdy shows and books that you love.

The Great Lakes Halfway to Comic-Con was a very enjoyable way to spend a Friday evening. There was plenty to see and great people to interact with, which is what I have come to expect from these local events. Apparently, however, this is only a small taste of the event they put on February 24 & 25 at Macomb Community College. That being the case, I will see you in February at the Great Lakes Comic Con!



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