October 20, 2021

Local Comic Spotlight: Norah


This week in the local comic spotlight we return to Source Point Press to talk about Norah by Kasey Pierce. Norah is a scientist who, through some testing with a new drug, has the ability to enter someone’s mind and help them through a coma. The comic manages to handle the deep topic of coma while still focusing on the titular character.

I would place issue one more on the side of a preview issue as it introduced us to Norah as a character, a simple look into how her powers work, and just a taste of her story ending with a massive cliffhanger. There are no long monologues or deep discussions in this book but there is something about the writing, and the character, that is is really amazing. I think it would have been very easy to create a character who jumps into someone’s mind and has to fight off the coma as some kind of villain but this book takes a much more simple approach. Norah can help show you the way but you have to open the door to consciousness. I love how this is a very human story with just a sprinkling of supernatural.

The art mimics the writing perfectly and makes me even more of a Sean Seal fanboy. The character art is very simple but whenever something needs to be detailed or punctuated he brings in the red lips on Norah, the tear strewn face of the lost child, or the disturbed eyes of the main character as her life changes. I can’t finish talking about the art without mentioning the full page stuff that I love so much and this comic has a good one as both Norah and the child she is guiding move from the darkness of the coma into the beautiful colors of consciousness.

Kacey has already announced issue two and pre-orders are available at Source Point Press. I highly recommend checking this series out as it looks to be an emotion filled ride into both Norah’s past and what lies ahead. Also, as she was nice enough to plug Wampaslayer for us, the first episode of her brand new podcast just recently came out so check it out!

Dave Halcomb

Dave Halcomb

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