Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children Review

September 30, 2016 0

It’s always difficult to write these kinds of reviews especially when I spent some considerable time earlier this week talking about critics who only skewer popular movies. The unfortunate reality is that popular or anticipated […]

Kid Speak, Part 18

September 28, 2016 0

We all know kids are full of potential and can often surprise us with great revelations about the world we live in. They can also say some pretty funny stuff… If you have heard a […]

Sam Neill confirms Thor: Ragnarok Role

September 28, 2016 0

After much speculation, Sam Neill has announced that he will in fact play a part in the upcoming Thor film. Sam Neill, who played Dr. Alan Grant in the Jurassic Park movie, will join fellow […]

The Wampaslayer Sports Podcast – Episode 4

September 27, 2016 0

We’re back and we’re bringing you some great sports talk! Tigers making their way to the postseason? Are we already digging the Lion’s graves after game 3? Michigan State gets stomped and Michigan stomps. Plus, we’ll give you our picks! […]

The Wampaslayer Podcast – Episode 17

September 26, 2016 0

Today’s podcast is a surprise! Who knows what we’re talking about or who is even talking? We sure don’t! You know who might? Jeff Goldblum, that’s who! Let’s go ask, shall we? Everyone go to Jeff Goldblum’s Facebook and ask him 🙂

Seriously though, let’s talk about the Emmys, shall we? […]

The Magnificent Seven Review

September 23, 2016 0

The Magnificent Seven is what going to the movies is all about. This movie promised action, adventure, and heart and delivered all three in spades. It may not have been perfect but with an outstanding […]

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