December 3, 2021

Book Club: Talkin’ Books


As we near the end of the month and finish up our September book, Ready Player One, I wanted to talk about what kind of books I am currently reading and everything I have planned for my personal collection for the rest of the year. If you see something you like or, more importantly, something that’s missing from this list please let me know right away either in the comments below or directly to me on twitter @thealien512.

Remembrance of Earth’s Past.
I first heard of this trilogy by Cixin Liu from the Still Untitled podcast. This is a hard sci-fi series that takes place in the near future but also flashes back to show how scientists and intellectuals were treated during the 1966 Cultural Revolution. Earth has been able to contact an alien civilization who, facing their own destruction, plans to travel to and conquer Earth. Meanwhile, among the scientific community, several camps are beginning to form, some hoping that the aliens will help our society fix its problems and some willing to help the aliens conquer Earth. I have already made it through the first book in the series, the Three Body Problem, and I really enjoyed it. It covers a lot of science topics but does a good job of explaining most of them to the reader. The book was also translated from Chinese so for some of the references the translator, Ken Liu, places the information in footnotes.

Alexander Hamilton.
This biography by Ron Chernow was the inspiration for the hit musical Hamilton. I stayed away from Hamilton at the beginning as I tend to have a problem with things covered in hype but I had a couple hour drive one day so I listened to the whole thing and loved every minute of it. I’m somewhat of a history nerd and that love was invigorated by the musical so I can’t wait to dive into the history. This book covers the man’s entire life from growing up in the Caribbean to his last “appointment” in New Jersey. It’s a bit thick but I’m excited.

Returning back to the complex sci-fi, and another Adam Savage recommendation, Seveneves by Neal Stephenson covers some pretty intense topics. The book begins with the moon being split apart by some outside force ushering in cataclysmic change for our planet. The people of earth band together and construct a massive habitat in space. Fast forward several thousand years and humanity has split into seven distinct races now 3-billion strong and are about to rediscover a now alien and transformed Earth.

The Broken Earth.
I plan on finishing out the year with a new series by fantasy author N. K. Jemisin. This was actually an Amazon recommendation so I’m going into this series mostly blind but I have heard wonderful things about this author and can’t wait to start. The publisher does not give a description of the book but from what I could find out, this series takes place on a world that has a single massive supercontinent that, every few centuries, endures a catastrophic fifth season (interestingly, the first book is called The Fifth Season). The first book picked up the Hugo award for Best Novel this year.

So that’s my reading list for the next three months aside from our book club books. Hopefully I can make it through all of them but if not I’ll still get to experience some wonderful stories. As always, make sure to check out our book club book of the month and if you would like to listen to that book, or any of the above books, give Audible a try on us at Happy reading!

Dave Halcomb

Dave Halcomb

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