December 3, 2021

Mechanic: Resurrection Review

Mechanic: Resurrection

No matter who you are or where you choose to hide, Jason Statham, armed with two magic suction cups, will find you and kill you. Mechanic: Resurrection may not be an award winning standard for action movies but fans of Statham, and the genre, will find some entertainment this weekend. Resurrection is a sequel to the 2011 action film, The Mechanic, with considerably less star power behind it and a change in director. Still, both Statham and Dennis Gansel manage to squeak out a good entry into the schlock action film market.

The formula for one of these types of films is pretty simple; start with a big action sequence, dive into an over complicated plot, ramp up to a final confrontation with a villain from the hero’s past. Resurrection follows this form to the letter but has a lot of problems with the first two sections. The world presumes Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) dead after the events of The Mechanic but, spoiler alert, he lived and his skills are being sought out by a mysterious and powerful man. This prompts a fight between hired goons and Bishop on the Sugarloaf Cable Cars in Rio De Janeiro. The overuse of green screen and the poor camera work end up showing a comic tumble of people until Bishop magically jumps to safety. These films are allowed to have flaws in story but when the opening action sequence is boring it turns the next half hour of exposition into a boring slog.

It’s a trope but we have to take a look at the plot of the movie. These things usually go one of two ways, either the story is overly complex and you just don’t care how all of the pieces fit together or it’s a simple revenge plot that ends up being ignored. The villain’s plot is actually pretty simple and believable, as he is out to eliminate competition in global arms dealing to make himself more money. He needs Bishop to kill his competitors and takes his love interest to ensure that he complies. Here’s where we get a little disjointed, out of nowhere Jessica Alba shows up on the remote island where Bishop is hiding and, after about a day, they fall in love prompting him to go on a killing spree. The premise of her being on the island is pretty murky and you tend to forget about her throughout the rest of the film. Mostly I sat through this half hour just wondering how long it had been since Jason Statham punched someone.

It’s really easy to poke holes and fun at a film like this but in the end I did find it pretty entertaining. Especially with nothing else coming out very strong this weekend it’s definitely a good buy for anyone who is a fan of the by-the-numbers action flick. If you’re not planning on going to the cinema already, there was nothing that made this movie particularly wonderful on the big screen so this could be an easy rent later type movie. Either way, it was a rough but entertaining action movie.



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