December 3, 2021

Battlefield 1 Beta Details

Battlefield 1

Battlefield has long been a source of great gaming moments, mainly in the name of total destruction. The best entry of series that provided for this was the Bad Company part of the series. DICE and EA have promised that destructibility is back and better than ever. And now players will be able to get a taste of that on August 31st on the conquest map Sinai Desert.

Players will get to experience numerous facets of the game, including a dynamic weather system, riding on horseback, flying planes, and riding in the armored train just to name a few. As for the weather, DICE has promised shifting and changing weather as a game unfolds, and on this map, players can expect random sand storms and shifting winds.

As for mobility, we will get to drive jeeps, fly planes (including bombers) pilot tanks, and what should be the most fun, riding on horseback. The “behemoth” as DICE is calling them on this level is an armored tank loaded to the brim with explosive munitions and numerous machine gun turrets. From the looks of the gameplay videos, a concerted effort will be needed to take down this armored juggernaut; whether that includes an accurate bombing run, horseback guerrilla bombings, or tanks, we will find out in few short days.

Also revealed is the potential size of the update, which at least on XBOX One will be 6.2 GB. So PC and PS4 players can expect around that much for their own downloads. DICE has not revealed how long the beta test will last, tweeting, “The open beta begins August 31st, but we don’t have the end date just yet. Stay tuned for more beta info soon.”

Battlefield 1 releases on October 21st for PS4, XBOX One, and PC.

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