Mission Impossible 6 Filming Pushed Back


It has been 20 years since Brian De Palma’s remake of the now 50 year old television series Mission Impossible. Ever since that 1996 hit, the series has grown better and better with each film thanks in part to the different directors that have brought the series a fresh look for every outing. They are looking to change this trend though with the upcoming installment of the franchise by keeping on Rogue Nation director Christopher McQuarrie. Personally I don’t see any issues with this as Rogue Nation was a fantastic film, it will just be unique in a franchise that changes style every movie to have some consistency.

Financially the franchise hit its high note with Ghost Protocol in 2011 but Rogue Nation only missed their record by about $12 million. It’s no surprise, then, that insiders were showing even before the release of Rogue Nation that a sixth installment was in the works. Since then the production has hit a couple of road blocks. Shooting was supposed to start in November of this year but in July it was revealed that the production had been halted for “script problems” which pushed the start date to January of 2017. Now it looks as if a salary dispute between Tom Cruise and the production is forcing another halt for the film. Cruise is currently filming The Mummy for Universal which is set to start a new franchise for them and he is looking for the same back-end profit participation from Mission Impossible as he is receiving from Universal for Mummy. Paramount was aiming for a late 2017 release for the film but there have been no updates from the studio on their current plans.


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