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Marvel television is continuing to build their streaming empire, but are moving to Hulu with their new adaptation of the comic series The Runaways. The Runaways, written by Brian K. Vaughn (Y: The Last Man, Buffy Season Eight) is a series about teenagers that learn that their parents are actually super villains, and the decide to fight against them. The show will be written by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage of Gossip Girl fame.

In an interview with Variety, Josh Schwartz said “I’m a long-time fan of ‘Runaways’ and couldn’t be more excited to bring Brian and Adrian’s characters to life,” Stephanie Savage added, “Josh and I can’t wait to get to work for Marvel and Hulu.”

It remains to see if this show will be a part of the entire Marvel Television Universe that includes Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones on Netflix, Agents of Shield on ABC, and the brand new show that was ordered on Freeform featuring the heroes Cloak and Dagger.


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