December 3, 2021

New Pokémon GO tracking system being tested

Pokemon GO

Recently, Pokemon Go developer Niantic removed the footprint tracking system from its super popular mobile game, much to the chagrin of millons of people. After it was removed, players had to rely on the vague “Nearby” system, which never gave the player much info as to where to go to find Pokemon. But fear not, trainers, Niantic is going to be implementing a new tracking system, but not everyone is getting it.

The new tracking system looks to be much less intensive on the server side, and for a game that boasts 80 million players, that is a welcome relief to a game plagued with issues. The new system stays away from the footprints, and rather it shows nearby Pokemon and a picture of a landmark.

This new system seems rather much like that of the Pokestops. Like stated earlier, this looks to be far less intense on the servers, where the footprints meant that as the player got closer (or further away) your location was constantly being pinged to do so. Since the new system only has a photo associated with it, once the photo is attached to the Pokemon, it only needs to be done once.

So if you are one of the lucky players to test this out, Niantic is hoping that the feedback will prove to be most helpful. If the new system is implemented, players will once again have a way to track their future catches once again, and will no longer have to guess as to location. No news has been announced as to when or even if the update will go live to all players.

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