Battlefield 1 teaser displays new in-game footage

It’s been about a month or so since E3 and the craziness surrounding this year’s major FPS release has died down for a moment. We’ve already talked about the big differences between the teasers and I am on record as putting my money on Battlefield 1. The new trailer for Battlefield has come and, on top of being pretty great, it included a bunch of new gameplay footage. The first trailer we saw had some cinematic/gameplay merged footage, as is typical of initial trailers but this new teaser, reportedly representative of Xbox 1, shows us new and amazing looking gameplay. The game will feature a range of six infantry classes, as well as two vehicle classes, all with their own weapons and pre-set loadouts, rather than just a free-for-all of attachments available.

DICE has been touting and praising their focus on melee combat for the upcoming WW1 shooter, with what looks like weapons ranging from spiked clubs, trench shovels, and hopefully swords. The weapons will have varying stats and damage values, and some will have extra utility to, for example, damage or disable vehicles or take down a barrier. One thing that fans (and history buffs) should really enjoy is what sounds like a type of bayonet charge where you affix a bayonet to your weapon and enable a charge attack for you melee attack, lending realism and fun to the game.

The teaser was released at the EA Plays event. Battlefield 1 did not have a presence at E3 this year due to this event, but fans attending the event in either LA or London got a hands-on experience with the game. Battlefield 1 releases on PS4, Xbox 1, and PC on October 21st

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