October 20, 2021

The Trailer Park: Unplugged

With Dave still on vacation, Trailer Park is going unplugged this week. We’re still talking movie trailers, but this time in text format. Since we love movies, and you do too, let’s get straight into it.

Bad Santa 2 (YouTube)

I loved the original film, as it was crass, vulgar, and above all funny. The sequel stars 3 of main characters, Willie (Billy Bob Thornton), Marcus (Tony Cox), and Thurman Merman (Brett Kelly) The plot seems to be similar to the first, what with some sort of heist or something to that effect. Do yourself and watch the Red Band trailer, as it is uncensored, allowing the movie to be shown at its greatest. I’m really excited to see this movie, and fans of the first should especially be drawn in. I’m most excited to see the grown up relationship between Willie and Thurman, as Thurman was just a child in the last movie as is “21, and a man” according to the trailer.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (YouTube)

It seems the Resident Evil story is finally coming to an end, or it seems according to the title of this film, and the trailer as well. The trailer picks up with Milla Jovovich reprising her role as unstoppable and nigh unkillable zombie slayer Alice riding into Raccoon City. From what the title says, this is the end of the road in the story. While the previous movies have been frankly quite bad at times, this last one has all the trappings of being at least loud, exciting, and jumpy. Definitely a popcorn blockbuster feel to the trailer, it still feels like a movie best suited for fans of the movies.

Arrival (YouTube)

I first saw this trailer while watching the Olympics the other day, and it immediately drew me in. It starts off with scientists, seemingly, being shuttled to a large black object. Given the name and the dialogue in the trailer, this is definitely alien and not of this Earth. Amy Adams looks to be the starring role, and again, this is a movie that has some potential. There are some very Nolan-esque visuals, with muted lighting, huge panning shots and overall just pretty cinematography. Once the scientists reach the object, they are lifted into it. From there, they are lifted weightlessly by jumping and floating up higher, and from the there the trailer ends. Looks to be a great film, so be sure to keep an eye out.

Masterminds (YouTube)

Back to the funnies, Masterminds should hopefully help tickle your funny bone. Based on a true story (so sayeth the tag line) armed guards for an armored truck company are planning as heist, because well, that’s what you do when you work for an armored truck company. But predictably, things go way wrong and everything goes sideways. Starring Zach Galifinakis, Jason Sudeikis, Kristin Wiig and Kate McKinnon to name just a few, the cast alone should allow for a non-stop laugh fest. Galifinakis is a bumbling idiot, and the trailer is chock a bloc with physical comedy and his typical type of humor. I first saw a trailer for this awhile ago, but I watched a newer one, and rekindled my interest in the film.



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