October 20, 2021

Black Panther screenwriter talks Wakanda (and other things)

Black Panter

Ever since his big screen debut in Captain America: Civil War, the Black Panther has been a real fan favorite. From his amazing suit and fun and exciting fighting style, non-comic fans finally got to see one of Marvel’s best kept “secrets” Last we left King T’Challa, he was helping out Cap by putting Bucky into a sort of stasis while they figure out how to help him. And, according to the writer, this is will be roughly the same place we pick up his story.

Wakanda, homeland of Black Panther, is a technological marvel in the heart of Africa, and fans have been a bit worried it would not be portrayed properly. Again, the writer Joe Robert Cole, assured fans that Wakanda will look every bit the way it should and has been shown in comicdom.

Under the watchful eye of Kevin Feige, the MCU has been a sight to see. We’ve seen many of the iconic worlds come to life in beautiful and amazing, most notably Asgard and the realms that Thor and his ilk frequent. Keeping this in mind, Wakanda is likely to receive this kind of treatment, and fans were treated to a bit of that in the credits scene of Civil War.

Chadwick Boseman has shown that he can portray this great character with grace aplomb. From the first time he appeared on screen in Civil War, you felt like he would be a great T’Challa. And once he suited up in that classic, Vibranium laden suit, Black Panther was born into the MCU in grandiose fashion. So fear not fans, if Wakanda receives the same red carpet treatment that Asgard did, we are in for a treat.

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