The Flash to being filming in London in 2017

The Flash

The DC movie universe is trying to get a foothold in the superhero movie game. Recent footage of the upcoming Justice League movie showed fans a better look at The Flash, who was only around for a snippet of time in Batman V Superman. Fans got a little closer look at him in action in his cameo appearance in Suicide Squad. Well, some good news on this front is that filming looks to be set to start in 2017 in London.

The Flash’s stand alone film has gone through some growing pains, with the original director leaving the project, and then a new one being brought in (which the writers are really excited to work with) Rick Famiyuma, of Dope fame, seems to be gearing up production and readying the crew for filming.

The goal of the DC movie universe is to make sure that the next set of movies (Aquaman and The Flash) are set to be done and ready soon after the Justice League releases next year. Famiyuma is still on track for a 2018 release, as was the original plan.

The first movie that will show backstory on members of the Justice League not named Bruce or Clark will be Wonder Woman in 2017, set to come out before Justice League. The Flash and Aquaman will be waiting until after the Justice League is done, and Cyborg’s movie isn’t even on the radar (2020 is the current release date)

So for now, fans will have to make do with the brief appearances of the Flash in the current DC movie universe, or check out his CW equivalent, played brilliantly by Grant Gustin. What are your thoughts on the status of the DCEU? Leave a comment below!

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