October 20, 2021

The Chronicles of Narnia to Be Revived?


The Chronicles of Narnia are widely considered some of the best allegorical stories ever written. Considered classics by most (this nerd included) the movie adaptations have been a mixed bag. The first movie, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, is easily the best of the bunch, not to mention the fact the most popular story in the series. But the movies declined from there, notably at the box office. So the 4th installment, The Silver Chair, was delayed and put on hold.

But fans should have some reason for hope: A number of entities, including Tri Star Pictures and the CS Lewis group are in talks to bring the movie back to life. Last year, the script was completed, so this is a big step forward in development.

The Silver Chair does not focus on the Pevensie children, but rather their annoying yet lovable cousin Eustace. And the movie itself is touted as a re-boot, so don’t expect any of the original cast to be present in this movie.

Sony is backing the film, which is good, and it has lots of good producers attached to it, including Mark Gordon. But numerous hurdles await this film before it gets to theaters, notably the lack of a director and obviously no cast yet. But there is light on the horizon for a movie series that needs a serious injection of quality and luck, so stay tuned for more info. There is no date set for release as of this report.

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