December 3, 2021

Local Comic Spotlight: Hank Steiner Monster Detective

Hank Steiner Monster Detective

In the process of marketing this new website and community to a larger audience, our Wampaslayer street team has been attending several comic conventions in the Detroit area. One thing that I discovered was some wonderful comic books created by local artists and writers. We have picked up a large number of these books and I plan on releasing as many reviews as possible in order to give these local creators the audience they deserve. I would like to start with the book that caught my eye first among the plethora of local books: Hank Steiner Monster Detective.

Since it was the cover that pulled me in, I will start with the art. I am not by any means an artist and my critical assessment of any kind of art will always be how much I love it. Therefore the rating I would give the art in Hank Steiner would be awesome (technical term). Husband and wife team Tyler and Sara Sowles manage to bring the classic pulp look and mix it with textures and colors that remind me of Mike Mignola. It is eye-catching to say the least and supports a very cool world and a strong starter story.

The story, developed by Scott R. Schmidt, covers a world where a demon has failed to merge the monster world and the human world. But more than that, he does something I love so much in these types of stories. Schmidt does not cover in depth or detail how or why the world was created other than the sentence that started this paragraph. You are immediately sucked in the world and ready to accept it as is without worrying about the messy details. The main city, Tower City, is split into the human side and the monster side and the story makes you understand up front that the humans don’t care about the monsters. Hank Steiner greatly resembles Frankenstein’s monster and is a detective who handles monster cases. He finds himself searching for some missing monsters by taking on goblin and vampire gangs and even taking on a voodoo cult. It gets violent and messy but overall is a ton of fun.

If you happen to be at any of the local cons look for the Source Point Press booth to check out Hank Steiner or if you would like to purchase directly from the publisher go to Source Point Press. I can definitely say that I am looking forward to everything that this team can put together for this character.

Dave Halcomb

Dave Halcomb

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