October 20, 2021

Paramount Studios options rights for Battlefield series


Paramount studios and Anonymous Content have optioned the rights for a television series based on the popular Battlefield video game series. In the industry, Battlefield has received high critical praise since the series started back nearly 15 years ago. Hopefully seeing this come to life will be a reality, as there are some powerhouse names executive producing the series. Michael Sugar, a 2016 Academy Award winner for the movie Spotlight, and Ashley Zalta from Anonymous Content.
AC is best known for the series Mr Robot and True Detective, both well produced and highly critically acclaimed.

Battlefield has always brought a realistic scope to the FPS gaming landscape, and has always used grand set pieces and large scale warfare. This includes the ability to fight on land, by sea, or take to the skies in all manner of jets, planes, and helicopters. This should make for a great translation to the small screen, which can focus more on the development of characters over time, better so than movies can do in the same amount of time. Battlefield has always had a dynamic narrative, so finding the right team to bring this together is crucial.

Battlefield has a dedicated and loyal fan base, so this brings hope in getting this series to television sets across the country. If the games are any indication of what a tv series could emulate, viewers will get a rich narrative coupled with exciting and grandiose set pieces and battles that could be on par with Game of Thrones. Everyone involved is excited about this pairing, and that could mean this is a reality sooner rather than later.

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