Legendary Pictures looking to “catch ’em all”

Pokemon Movie
Is Legendary Going To Catch Pokemon? Movie Deal In Offing For Hot Franchise Property

As I’m sure everyone is aware by this point, Pokemon GO is a huge success. In its first week of existence, it already has more daily active users than Twitter and analysts are saying Niantic is pulling in $1 million a day. Well, the studio behind the Dark Knight trilogy is looking to capitalize on this and is trying to secure the rights to a live action Pokemon film.

Legendary Pictures has a track record of making nerd-friendly movies, with such films like Warcraft, Pacific Rim, and even Godzilla, so it seems like a no-brainer that they would want to acquire the rights to the film. In fact, they had been trying since April of this year to do so, and as per usual, it takes some time to do so. With the success of Pokemon GO, Legendary has renewed its efforts to acquire the rights, and it makes a lot of sense. Nintendo, who only has a partial stake in The Pokemon Company, has seen their overall value increase by $7.5 billion as a result of Pokemon GO.

Pokemon has always been pretty successful on smaller scales, with their TV series and occasional films, but a live action film would be sight to see. Also in the rumor mill is that the film may be tapping Max Landis, of Chronicle fame, to pen the film. This would be great, as Landis really has a good feel for writing not only serious scripts, but over the top and nerdy things are right up his alley. So will we see a Pokemon movie in the near future? If Pokemon GO is any indication, movie theaters will soon catch us all in their seats watching a live action film!

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