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Batman v Superman

While it doesn’t correct all of the movies flaws, the Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman is a version that would make Martha proud. Among the complaints about the film, the chief two among them is the strange and off putting tone of the movie and the fact that many parts of the story don’t make any sense. Unfortunately the 30 minutes of added footage can’t change the tone of the movie but it does greatly address the plot problems and helps you get through the stranger bits.

My major problem with the theatrical release had nothing to do with Martha. For me, it was the Superman plot line that involved the Man of Steel saving Lois Lane from an African warlord setting in motion an investigation by Lois into a deeper evil. But in the theatrical release, Lois’ scenes seem to just fill time in between the noisy superhero stuff. In the UE, however, it is explained in full what she spent the whole movie doing and not only does it make a lot of things in the movie make more sense but it makes the whole film 100 times better.

Just like any extended edition movie, there are some deleted scenes that don’t provide anything but extra footage and there are a couple of those scenes in the UE so if you take all of that out it comes together with about twenty minutes of good, necessary added footage. This begs the question, if this footage drastically improves the movie and explains the villain’s true intentions and plan making him a more complete character, why was it cut to make room for more dream sequences. I know that when a film maker sits down to edit the movie, the intention is never to make a bad movie and with such a large budget and an entire franchise riding on the movie’s performance, it’s difficult to imagine what was going through Zack Snyder’s head when he was putting the film together. But after seeing the scenes that were removed, it is clear that Snyder choose a path for the movie that was more in line with his artistic vision of the universe, rather than a cohesive story or developed characters.

I think the best thing to take away from the Ultimate Edition release is that Zack Snyder does have the capability of making a good superhero movie but shouldn’t be the sole person in charge. Luckily we’re getting our wish regarding that situation as Warner Brothers has restructured its DC universe with Geoff Johns at the top so I am optimistic about Justice League. In any case, Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition isn’t just the movie with some extra footage, it’s a version of the movie that I think every fan should see.

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