Kid Speak, Part 7

Kid Speak

We all know kids are full of potential and can often surprise us with great revelations about the world we live in. They can also say some pretty funny stuff…

If you have heard a child say something funny enough to repeat, Submit Them Here!

4th Grade Girl speaking to male teacher

Girl: Do you love Mrs. K? Because you two are so alike and you would be a good couple.

Teacher: Mrs. K is a good friend and she is married to a very nice guy.

Girl (looking very sad and concerned): I’m so sorry. Are you alright? (Patting teacher’s shoulder)

Playing Go Fish with 1st Graders. One of the girls has just correctly guessed cards from 3 people’s hands and looks very concerned.

Teacher: Are you alright?

Girl: No. I’m in too deep now.

2nd grade boy wrote about his favorite movie and handed it to the teacher.

Paper reads: I love Cockboy. He is a great hero.

Teacher: What movie is this character from?

Boy: Sharkboy and Lavagirl. Its my favorite!

Teacher: Oh….(relieved)

Preschool boy just finished making a bow and arrow out of K-Nex.

Boy: Look at my boner! Look at my boner!

Teacher: I think we need to work on your enunciation…

Preschool Girl: Mrs. B are you really 29?

Teacher: Yep, but I’ll be 30 soon.

Girl: There is no way you are 29!

Teacher: (smiling because she thinks student is implying she looks younger) I sure am!

Girl: You look at least 40!

*DISCLAIMER – For the protection of the children involved, no real names will be used. When necessary, all boys will be named Conrad and all girls will be named Casey, after my two childhood dogs.

Nate Compton

Attempting to teach future generations the benefits of a nerdy life, Nate spends his days molding the minds of children, and his nights nerding it up anyway he can. Trek over Wars, Michigan over State, and Marvel over DC. What else do you need to know?

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