October 20, 2021

Star Trek Movie Marathon

Here at Wampaslayer we love making big events out of things like movie releases. When another installment of a franchise comes out we always try to get together to watch all of the events leading up to the current release so we are prepared. It wasn’t until Star Wars Episode VII that we decided to make these meetups true events. We pieced together a large entertainment system with a projector and screen and set up a catered style breakfast and lunch. We may have been just 5 guys sitting in a basement eating Twizzlers all day but we felt super fancy. Since then we have expanded to include marvel and DC marathons and, on July 21st, we will be taking on Star Trek for the release of Star Trek Beyond.

Star Trek fandom doesn’t cover everyone in our offices and we couldn’t take enough time off of work to watch all twelve current Trek movies so we came up with a nice list that we will cover on Thursday. I say all of this so see if anyone out there would like to join us in our Trek (Ha!) and enjoy the movies as well. The order is as follows:

Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan
Star Trek III The Search for Spock
Star Trek IV The Voyage Home
Star Trek VII Generations
Star Trek XI
Star Trek XII Into Darkness

We chose the original series trilogy not only because of the iconic nature of the films or the attachment to the current universe of films but because The Mike has never witnessed the rage filled and powerful Shatner call other than in parody. We chose Generations to get some Picard action and because it includes some of the best Data lines ever. Finally we head into the Kelvin universe to prepare for the premier. So take a day off work, sit back, and nerd out with us and stay tuned to @wampamedia on twitter as we live tweet the experience.

Kris Wright

Kris Wright

A producer, writer, editor, and actor. He is a fan of sports, wrestling, movies, TV, video games, comic books, and anything else that is considered nerdy. Prides himself on thinking he knows everything

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