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The time has come for the newly rebooted, and heavily scrutinized, Ghostbusters movie to rain down fire on your childhood leaving everything you love in the dust. That’s the type of thing the internet has been spewing for the past couple of months following a horrendous first trailer. In fact, we here at Wampaslayer covered that very trailer. But with the movie now released to the world, I can tell you from personal experience it is a really cool and funny movie that I think new and old fans will enjoy.

As this is primarily a character driven movie, the plot needs little explaining but to give you an idea of the characters and their involvement with each other I’ll give you a run down. Erin GIlbert (Kristen Wiig) is a tenure candidate at Columbia University attempting to do everything right to further her career when she is reminded of an old book on paranormal phenomena she co-wrote with her high school friend and fellow scientist, Abby Yates (Melissa McCarthy). Abby has continued their study of the paranormal with a research partner and engineer Jillian Holtzman (Kate McKinnon). The three are called on to investigate a site that has been deemed haunted by the owners when they are confronted by a real life ghost. Meanwhile, Patty Tolan (Leslie Jones), a subway worker, is confronted by a similar apparition after chasing a man into a subway tunnel.

Normally in these types of movies you are expecting random circumstance and nonsense to join up into an inevitable team but it was actually done quite well in this movie. Each character had a reason to be a part of the Ghostbuster team and came to join under the proper circumstances without forcing four people together for no reason other than plot or comedic circumstance. It should come as no surprise though as Paul Feig has been known for some fantastic comedy ensembles in the past and using a familiar and very talented cast made for a very strong foundation. No part of the jokes felt overused or forced and with a terrific ensemble paired with a very talented visual department, you had no problem sitting through the movie ignoring the fact that cartoonish ghosts are walking the streets of New York.

While I do think this was a great and very funny film it should be noted that it is not without its problems, the biggest being the film’s somewhat lackluster finale. The team is constantly being opposed by a man named Rowan North (Neil Casey) who is attempting to open a portal for hundreds of ghosts to take over the world. I’m perfectly fine with that but the film switches off from intelligent but misguided villain to giant CG monster so quickly that, by the end, you really don’t care about the main story anymore. Alongside the direct villain, the movie did not include the classic ghost buster, 80s staple, government naysayer. Lets face it, some of the best quotes from the original film are insults directed at Walter Peck and this film fell flat in that department.

Overall though the film is super enjoyable and super funny. It may never reach the success or status that the original holds but I would place it as the second best Ghostbuster movie.


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