December 3, 2021

The Mike Speaks: My life as a DM (so far)

The Mike Speaks

Before I started playing Dungeons and Dragons, I viewed that aspect of gaming as even too nerdy for me. I can’t really say why I felt that way, but I did. Then, something magical happened after my first full campaign playing (which was Harry Potter themed) I couldn’t get enough of the iconic tabletop RPG. I was fully immersed in the lore, the settings, and quite frankly the gaming itself. It made much more sense to me after the fact that I should have been doing this for much longer. I love all aspects of DnD, and oftentimes I find myself making and creating characters just for future usage or mostly just for fun. But a couple of years ago, my love of playing turned into something else: I wanted to run a campaign all on my own.

My first campaign was actually a joint effort with my friend Mike. He started it off, he had created the setting, and after a couple of sessions, I was off and running. After a rocky first session (RIP Minotaur) I started to find a groove and settle in. I had my players off doing inventive quests, fun combat, but above all, I was enjoying putting some experienced players through their paces, so to speak. After the group battled sea monsters, vampires, and more, the campaign ended and the players seemed to be quite happy.

Recently, I’ve running a Game of Thrones centric campaign, and we’re wrapping it up soon for this “season” As I’ve been honing my skills, I’ve gone through some growing pains, such as remembering to write a story for each week (that reminds me…) and to actually write down things such as initiative order, you know pesky DM things. But above all, I feel like I’ve allowed my players to enjoy themselves, which I feel is crucial to this game. I lend of a lot my DM style not only to fellow Wampaslayers Jason and Dave, but also a huge amount to Chris Perkins. For those of you not in the know, Chris Perkins is pretty much the face of DnD, and head of all things creative. Not to mention, he’s the DM for Acquisitions Inc., quite possibly the best adventuring group on the Sword Coast, and by the funniest players to watch. Seriously, check them out.

While I still love playing more than running the game, I’m glad that I’ve started DM’ing. It’s fun, engaging, and overall just a great time to be had with some of my closest friends. I’m excited to think of another place to send my players, and in time, continue on with the Westeros that I’ve created for myself. And I’m truly excited to embark upon the next adventure as a player when Wampaslayer’s own Nate runs his campaign next. And rumor has it, there may even be some news to follow on that front.

Mike Gassel

Mike Gassel

A video game and sports enthusiast, you can usually count on TM for his many and loud opinions. If it falls under the scope of nerdom, you can fully expect him to be into it and love it. Also a fan of hugs and holding hands... and trolling random people while playing video games.

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