December 3, 2021

Overwatch Introduces New Character!

Ana Amari

It seems the community was half-right with the new addition to Blizzard’s hit Overwatch. The Mike wrote an article (New Overwatch character to be revealed) yesterday suggesting that it would be revealed at San Diego Comic-Con, but boy were we surprised when it dropped today! We knew due to the twitter image releases last week that it was going to be a sniper, and the very same image hinted at support due to the “biotic” technology they were talking about. The name “Sambra” was flying around everywhere, however, and other leaked images showed a cloaked Omnic character (way back before Overwatch launched. You’ll see that skin is actually one of Ana’s unlockables). It seems this was one of Blizzard’s better tricks, and now we have Ana; support sniper extraordinaire.

Ana is a sniper, equipped with a biotic rifle that does two different things beyond the obvious scoping capability. If the rifle hits an enemy target it does damage, but if the rifle hits a friendly target they get healed. I really like this idea! The rifle is probably nowhere near as damaging as Widowmaker, but I’d like to think a headshot would be a kill for most of the weaker enemies (or at least I’d hope so). In the gameplay video, we witness Ana shooting Widowmaker around head level and she takes a high amount of damage followed by another tick of damage that kills her. It seems this is going to have a damage over time effect to it.

She has two special abilities, just like everyone else. The first seems to be a thrown biotic weapon that will explode in an area. Enemies will take damage and are unable to be healed for a period of time, while allies in the area will receive healing and then increased healing from other sources for a period of time. The second ability is a sleep dart, fired from a pistol looking weapon. Targets will remain asleep for a time or until damaged, it seems (I can already see the Ana/Reinhardt charge combos coming).

Her ultimate looks very cool and seems to make one of her allies a raging hulk monster for a good period of time, increasing their damage, speed, and resistance to damage. The video shows her use it on Reinhardt and he just goes to town on several heroes. This is the most obvious of uses for this, but can you think of any others? A speedy, tough, and more powerful Reaper sounds mighty terrifying.

Of note is that at the beginning of the video, Ana is perched on a point that is typically reserved for the likes of those with vertical movement abilities. Is this a hint that she will have something similar or was that a simple style choice to accentuate the introduction of the character’s abilities? It is gameplay footage, so one would naturally believe she could get up there somehow.

Ana seems like a very unique sniper and support character that could convince players to choose a support-oriented role. The character has been given a three-star difficulty rating, but we won’t know for sure until we get the ability to use her. PC players rejoice, you can check out Ana live on the PTR right now! For those console gamers who can’t check out the test realm, Stylosa over at Unit Lost Gaming already has videos with actual gameplay and a rundown of skins, emotes, etc.

You can check out the videos below for some in game teaser footage of the character’s gameplay or some of Ana’s backstory (also with two other hinted heroes from the past!). And of course, Overwatch’s own website has their breakdown of the character, along with Ana’s “example videos” for each of her abilities.

What do you think? How excited are you for Overwatch’s newest character? Let us know what you think!

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