December 3, 2021

The Wright Observations: Pokemon GO: You’re Playing It Wrong

The Wright Observations

With the release of Pokemon Go last week, it seems like EVERYONE is playing it. In my own personal adventure, I’ve seen people of all age groups trying to catch Pokemon on their phones. Now, ignoring the server issues and glitches that should be expected out of the launch of an MMO, it looks like everyone is enjoying the game. Personally, I have found the game a great motivator to actually get out of the house and go on walks, hitting all the Pokestops in the area, then going to a different area and walking around those Pokestops (side tip: Parks are a great place for Pokestops!). But with any largely successful game, there will be people trying to cut corners to beat the system. Today, I’m talking about the system of the actual name of the game… GO! The whole point of the game is to go out and travel your neighborhood, finding the best Pokemon you can find, maybe meeting people you never even knew lived in your area. Then when you’re done with your city, go on to the next city, and the next… Explore! Adventure is out there!

I write this blog today because I’ve seen a lot of people trying to “hack” the game to get the most out of their movement, without actually moving. One aspect of the game is hatching eggs, and to do so you must walk a certain number of kilometers. Well, I have seen pictures and videos of people trying to beat this system. I’ve seen people putting their phones on record players, attaching it to celing fans, putting it on top of their roomba, and even attaching their phone to a drone and flying it as far as it can go instead of walking the 100 yards to catch a Pokemon.

So, instead of taking all this effort to try to find the best way to break the game, just go out and walk to your local park, or around your neighborhood. And if you don’t have the time, you shouldn’t worry about being the very best, like no one has before. Play your own game, as of now you aren’t competing against anyone. And remember, just have fun!

Kris Wright

Kris Wright

A producer, writer, editor, and actor. He is a fan of sports, wrestling, movies, TV, video games, comic books, and anything else that is considered nerdy. Prides himself on thinking he knows everything

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