New Overwatch character to be revealed


It appears the wait will soon be over to find out who the next hero (or villain) will be to join the diverse cast of Overwatch. I know we’ve covered a lot of Overwatch on the site, but this is exciting news to say the least. Reports are stating that it will be revealed on July 21, and likely during Comic Con.

Recently, the official Overwatch Twitter account showed a blueprint of a weapon that was called a biotic rifle. On the blueprints are notes from Torbjorn and Angela Ziegler, aka Mercy. The prints are addressed to J. Morrison (Soldier: 76) and G. Reyes (Reaper) This appears to also indicate that this prints came out before the fall of Overwatch, as both the founders are on the prints.

The weapon is quite unique, in that appears to use the biotic field tech for it’s ammo, and that it was intended for operatives to use for life saving reasons. In the notes from Torbjorn, he hints that the projectiles are intended to be used for healing, but implies that they could be used for much more, which Mercy detests. In her notes, she states that she would not have allowed her tech used in this rifle if offensive rounds were to be used.

Now back to the speculation on whom the new hero will be, which at this point is all but confirmed. Most signs point to the enigmatic Sombra, whom we have seen in game in dossiers and newspaper articles. Sombra, many feel, is actually Ana Amari. Ana was one of the original founders of Overwatch, and also the mother of Pharah. Time will tell who it will actually be, but all signs point to Sombra. Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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