December 3, 2021

The Wright Observations: Strategy Guides

The Wright Observations

Today, if you ever get stuck playing a video game, there’s a simple solution to go on YouTube and look up the specific part of that game and watch someone else get past that point. But back in the days before high speed internet, you would have to either HOPE that they but some helpful info in the instructional book, or head to the store and pick up the strategy guide. A book with all the information that you need to get through the entire game. But that’s not all that came from these books. Every secret treasure, every hidden boss, and where to find the best weapons. My own personal favorites was the original Pokemon Red & Blue guide that showed where to catch your favorite pokemon and gave you stickers to keep track of the ones that you’ve already caught and the Kingdom Hearts guide that had amazing art, and told you where to meet the best hidden bosses of the game like Sephiroth.

However, don’t be surprised to see strategy guides to go the way of vinyl records, with a classic nostalgia feeling as well as special editions. These have already come out in the way of the Legend of Zelda special edition of five books with a special Zelda treasure chest.

Now I may sound like crotchety old man “Back in MY day, we actually had to HOLD a heavy book!” But, personally, strategy guides were one of my favorite things to supplement a video game. Even recently, I wanted to get the Elder Scrolls Online book, that doesn’t even have much story strategy in it, just to find all the secrets and my friends reaction were “Haha… Why?” And you may consider it cheating, and it probably is, but it’s my video game experience and I still enjoy it.

Kris Wright

Kris Wright

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