December 3, 2021

Pokemon GO is a GO!

Pokemon GO

You heard that right, fellow trainers, Pokemon GO for Android and iPhone is officially available for download! Check out the official Pokemon GO site for links to downloading the app!

For those living under a rock, Pokemon GO is a mobile game that emphasizes moving around the real world in order to find, index, and capture Pokemon. The game features an interface reminiscent of Google Maps, following you around as you walk. Once a Pokemon shows up in a certain radius around you, your phone will vibrate, and a Pokemon appears on that map. Click on that Pokemon and you get to throw Pokeballs at it in order to capture it. Easy peasy!

Certain important areas, monuments, and the like will feature two kinds of special waypoints: PokeStops and Gyms. The stops provide you will extra items for visiting them and, aside from leveling up, seem to be the only free way of getting more Pokeballs. The Gyms are just as you would imagine, pretty much places to control with your Pokemon, train them, and battle others in order to retain – or take away – control.

What Do I Want Next?

Pokemon Battles: I do want the ability to perhaps see and battle against other trainers. I can imagine sitting at work and receiving a notification stating another trainer has come in. Our eyes meet as we know what will happen, then race to our phones to initiate the battle. Cool on the most nerdy of levels, I know.

Special Events: Can you imagine being alerted last minute of a super important mission, where all Pokemon trainers in your city must race to a specific area and battle a large Pokemon menace? Perhaps Mewtwo is terrorizing Campus Martius or the Renaissance Center has been haunted by ghost-type Pokemon?

What Could I See Happening?

Advertising: It hasn’t been mentioned to my knowledge, but I can see this game being used for advertising. Perhaps stores or big events can offer special rewards for those trainers who come to them? Do you think that would deter you from playing the game if this were to be implemented?

I am definitely playing this game (eight Pokemon caught around my apartment complex already!), does this appear to you? Let us know what you think!

If you want more info, Polygon has an updating article going answer questions about the game.



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