Chris Lord and Phil Miller “excited” about new Flash director

The Flash

The “Flash” movie has been going through some growing pains. After losing the original director slated for the movie, Seth-Grahame Smith, due to creative differences, the future of the film was put on hold. Well, recently, a new director was found, and the writers couldn’t be happier. Chris Lord and Phil Miller, notably of Lego movie fame, are writing this film and are “excited” to work with Rick Famiyuma, a much more experienced director.

Lord and Miller are no strangers to success, having not only the LEGO movie, but also their Jump Street films do very well not only at the box office, but the two have also had great critical success. The 2 are even working on the stand alone Han Solo movie, so clearly these guys know how to helm a successful film. Enter Rick Famiyuma, known most recently for his work on Dope, and the dynamic duo couldn’t be happier about working with him.

During a recent interview with IGN, Lord had nothing but praise for the choice DC made, stating “We work with Rick and have been developing a pilot with him for a little while and are really big fans of his and Dope,” said Lord while promoting the duo’s new FOX series Son of Zorn. “I think he’s a rad choice.” Miller also added “He’s going to do a great job on it”
The three have been working on a remake of Greatest American Hero for FOX, so there is definitely some chemistry and history between the three. Also, since the Flash as a character tends to be the comic relief for the Justice League, and Batman is grim and serious, Superman is the straight man, Lord and Miller penning the story for The Flash makes perfect sense. What do you all think? Leave a comment and let us know!

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