December 3, 2021

The Bill Hodges Trilogy Review

Mr. Mercedes

My ultimate advice: If it’s a Stephen King series, read it. You’re going to be taken on a fun ride that’s guaranteed to be full of twists and turns that will send tingles down your spine. King is an eclectic writer who surpasses the horror genre often. The Bill Hodges series is definitely an example of that.

All three of the books have a compelling storyline that will draw you in, but they are each very different. In “Mr. Mercedes” we are introduced Bill Hodges and his friends who travel throughout the series, and also to the despicable villain, Brady Hartsfield. No spoiler alert here; even though the book has the makings of a mystery you find out about Brady very quickly. He is one of those characters who instantly repels you, but he also has a very familiar and human side to him. He is so terrifying and disturbing because the crimes that he commits are totally feasible in our modern world. The only other King villain who has caused me more disdain would be Big Jim Rennie in “Under the Dome.” (The insanely large book, not the insanely stupid TV show.)

Bill, a retired police officer, is harassed online by Brady, who orchestrated a mass murder. Hodges retired before he was able to crack the case of the Mercedes Killer. He is a lovable and very relatable man, as are many of the characters in the story. My personal favorites are Jerome and Holly, who are the sidekicks who join Bill in his endeavor to find out more about Hartsfield.

The second book, “Finders Keepers,” is very interesting because it takes a dive into a completely different storyline instantly. The characters are all new and just as compelling as the previous group. The fascinating part of this book for me was that it tells the tale of how important storytelling can be. You’ll understand that if you read it. It really speaks to the effect that an author can have on a person’s life. Eventually, our good old crew joins into the story, but it’s really neat how this story creates another dimension in the series.

I’ve recently finished “End of Watch” and I don’t want to give anything away, but it was incredible! The old gang is back, there are some new characters who are extremely complex, and the ending really gives you a sense of closure. Holly became this beautiful character and important part of the story in this book. It was very fun to watch the development of each person throughout the books, but the leaps and bounds that Holly achieved in “End of Watch” were captivating. The unique part of this story is that it transcends the horror/mystery genre and adds in a bit of scifi and otherworldliness to the trio.

When I look back on the series, I have that familiar book lover sadness because the characters won’t be a part of my day anymore. That’s what I admire so much about King’s writing style. It absolutely always feels like you’re listening to an old friend tell you a story. As I said before, it’s Stephen King. Read it. I promise you, the master of sinister and scary has a serious talent for the gumshoe genre, you won’t be disappointed!


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