October 20, 2021

Deadpool star wants Taskmaster in sequel

Deadpool was huge commercial and critical, thanks in large part to its titular hero. But let us not forget about Ajax, or Francis, who played a masterful villain. Well, the actor who played him, Ed Skrein, would like to see another iconic villain in the sequel. A sequel to Deadpool was announced earlier this year (and in the end credits scene) and while no real announcements have been made other than Cable being in the film, Skrein feels that Taskmaster would make a great villain for our favorite merc with a mouth.

Taskmaster is also a mercenary, but he lacks the “moral” code that Deadpool has. Whereas Deadpool has somewhat of a moral code, Taskmaster is quite the opposite. Taskmaster is a true villainous mercenary, quick to stab you in the back if it benefits him. The other cool part of Taskmaster is his superpower: he has the ability to copy anyone’s fighting style, making him a dangerous foe. What do you all think? Would Taskmaster make a good villain for Deadpool to fight? Let us know!

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