October 20, 2021

FCC to move forward with 5G


This week, the FCC will be unveiling a proposal to start moving forward with 5G technology. If passed, the FCC will start to identify and open up more spectrums for high-band spectrum which will be able to deliver much faster speeds than 4G or LTE. Some experts believe 5G will be able to deliver speeds 10 to 100 times faster than what current data speeds can provide. This is also important because it means that the USA will be the first country out the gate with 5G, which means American companies will the first to use it.

But 5G will not be without its trials and tribulations. Much like any new spectrum roll out, costs will be quite high. A few reasons for this are the fact that the signal will not be strong, or penetrate buildings well, so cell tower construction and maintenance will have to occur. Also, devices are not quite capable of 5G, so new devices will have to made capable of this new spectrum and bandwidth.

Conservative estimates put 5G at least 3 years out, so these changes will be slow and steady. By 2020, however, the FCC seems confident that 5G technology and speeds will be as widespread as our 4G and LTE network. What do you all think? Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts!

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