December 3, 2021

The Mike Speaks: Too…many…sounds

The Mike Speaks

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor have I been diagnosed by a medical professional

I think we can all agree that certain things or sounds or even people annoy us to no end. For me, it’s sounds/noises. Awhile back, maybe a year or so ago, I happened upon a post on the web about misophonia. Misophonia, literally “hatred of sound”, is a purported disorder in which negative emotions, thoughts, and physical reactions are triggered by specific sounds. For years, I had been wondering if there was an actual name for the way I feel when I hear people eat, drink, chew, or just make idle noises. Well, now I know it has a name, and even a close friend of mine suffers the same symptoms as I do.

But this isn’t a blog post about medical issues. It’s about it relates to my life as gamer. As a gamer, a huge part of playing online with friends is putting on your headphones and talking with your fellow party members. Well sometimes, that can drive me crazy. You see, people with misophonia (again not a doctor) have very visceral and harsh reactions to relatively mundane sounds and noises. Now, I’m not trying to single out any of my friends and fellow players, but there are so many noises that absolutely drive me crazy. Maybe it’s a TV in the same room that’s too loud, doors opening and closing, people laughing and talking in the background, and even doing loud tasks near your mic (mainly eating and drinking)

I totally understand that this is a me issue, and in no way am I looking for people to try and accommodate me and my problem. In a perfect world, I would love to not have the reactions and feelings I do about these little noises and sounds. It would actually be amazing to be able to ignore all of those noise, and not want to murder someone. But alas and alack, I cannot help but fixate on these things. So maybe the next time I game with you, remember that my feelings of rage and animosity are only directed at the annoying sounds you’re making, and not at you, my beloved and fellow nerds

(Even as a type this, I find myself annoyed)

Mike Gassel

Mike Gassel

A video game and sports enthusiast, you can usually count on TM for his many and loud opinions. If it falls under the scope of nerdom, you can fully expect him to be into it and love it. Also a fan of hugs and holding hands... and trolling random people while playing video games.

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