October 20, 2021

My Ode To Being A Nerd Wife

Dave and Bridgette

Nerd wife. Wife of a nerd. Not to say that I’m not nerdy myself, because I am entirely, but I’m talking like a REAL nerd. Nerd culture has become much more mainstream lately, and that’s awesome, but I’m talking weekly Dungeons and Dragons playing, video game obsessing, Marvel vs. DC discussing, board game hoarding, and graphic T-shirt wearing nerdtron.

Before I delve into the glory of having a geeky husband, I am 100% not exaggerating when I tell you that I often suggest to girlfriends to find and marry a nerd. Seriously! I have always been attracted to geeky guys, (Rivers Cuomo anyone?) but dating and marrying Dave has only opened my eyes to the amazingness that is a nerdy husband. They’re passionate. They’re kind and seriously hilarious. They’re gentle and thoughtful and loyal. I couldn’t imagine my life without him.

In my soul, I’m an artist. I love visual art. I am a total word nerd. My greatest passion lies in dramatics; musical theatre, vocal performance, dance, performance art, all of it. I’m almost 30 years old, and after my time consuming career as a Pre-K teacher, an art in its own right, I still find time to sing, to paint, to dance and sketch. I spend hours that I could be doing more grown up and responsible things driving to rehearsals, going to museums and attending classes and performances. My darling nerdy husband supports and encourages every second of it. I am absolutely astounded at how creative he can be. Whether it’s developing his campaigns for D&D, designing studio workspace for me, cooking amazing new recipes, or even starting a rad website with his dudes, (whatup Wampaslayers) I appreciate and adore the artist in him. I am so thankful that we have that respect for each other when other people in the world find our passions to be a bit childish or even, bluntly, a waste of time.

Nerds are generally extremely passionate about everything. They’re super techy, and in my case, mine can fix just about everything. If he can’t, he will find out how. I usually just hold whatever is broken out and he just takes it and fixes it. Nerdy husbands are generally very successful. Again, they’re really passionate about what they do. They’re really good at trivia. They can answer questions really quickly and can explain it to you in a way that you understand. They embrace girls like myself who live for kitsch, and silly and strange. My husband can handle and appreciate theatre people, ‘nuff said there, right? Speaking of friends, nerds have the best nerd friends. I love my husband’s friends so much. Nerd wives benefit from their husbands having nerd friends, because nerd wives, in my experience, are some of the greatest and best people ever, and are great to hang out with. Nerds are very interesting people because they have a wide range of knowledge. They are good listeners because sometimes they aren’t the most talkative of people, and they are extremely genuine.

I think that’s what it all comes down to. Nerds are genuinely themselves. They embrace their nerdiness, and you should embrace it as well. Not to say that being a D&D widow is always easy, because it’s not, but I personally am thankful that my husband gets to spend that time being creative and fostering friendships with his guys. I am very content with my authentic, knowledge seeking husband. I give you fair warning ladies – when marrying a nerd, you will become one. No matter how you resist, you will become a nerd for something. I personally grew up with a bunch of nerdy boys as brothers and friends, so Star Wars, Harry Potter and Dragonball Z were not news to me, but I never thought I’d ever in my lifetime try playing World of Warcraft (and loving it by the way), watch Star Trek and become involved in it, or have an opinion on which Game of Thrones character is taking the iron throne in the end. (It’s a joint committee of Arya, Jon Snow, Tyrion, and the Mother of Dragons, just so you know.) At any rate, nerds are the real heroes of romance, stealing our hearts one bad meme at a time. Seriously ladies, find a nerd, and lock him down. They really will love you more than they love their playstation, I promise.


Preschool Teacher by Day | Chanteuse by Night | Mother of Fluffy Animals

Bridgette, an art lover extraordinaire, is married to Dave and finds the world to be simply beautiful. She’s kitschy, the girliest “one of the guys” of all time, and she’s never met a cupcake that she didn’t like. Also, pugs forever.



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