December 3, 2021

EA announces “EA Originals”


EA, whether you love or hate them, have left an indelible mark on the gaming world. EA recently announced a radical new project called EA Originals, which should help revolutionize the indie gaming world. EA is committing their vast resources and market presence to help small, lesser known games and game developers get their works in the public eye.

Originals is committing to 3 things: first, they’re taking first time experiences that are unique and beautiful games and bringing them to the world. Second, they are supporting small developers and helping them make the most of their games. Third, funding and offering a level of security they could only dream about.

EA wants these games and developers to get the recognition they deserve, and in turn this could really help the overall reputation of EA themselves, as they have been in the spotlight more often for what many gamers have viewed as extra greedy and sometimes just plain wrong (mainly DLC related in many of their games, Star Wars: Battlefront, etc.)

The first game they are showcasing is called Fe, developed by a small studio in Gothenburg called Zoink. Fe promises to be everything EA is hoping to accomplish with this new program. Time will tell how things will go, but all signs point to success.

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